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Rhino 3D surface styling basics - trackball mouse


In this video tutorial, we will be teaching you the basics of NURBS surface styling. We will model a very simple trackball mouse, and show you the wrong and right way to approach surface styling. This technique will be the base for more complex modeling, and can even be applied across many other nurbs modeling packages.

Rhino 3D NURBS surface styling - tutorial content

  • The first step to creating nice surfaces, is to draw clean curves with very few points. We will be using the freeform curve tool, and edit the curves by using their control points.
  • Create 100% symmetrical curves, and use the match command to make sure the transition is tangent, without breaking up the symmetry.
  • Create the base surface by using a curve network. Edit the surface by editing the curve network.
  • Split the base surface with another freeform curve, and control the split line by editing both the split curve and the base surface network.
  • Use sweep 2 rails and cap planar holes to close the model to a solid.
  • Finish the model by adding buttons, with simple commands like boolean difference, intersection and adding fillets.


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