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Rhinoceros 3D is a very intuitive and easy to use 3D modeling tool. You can quickly create all kinds of shapes with a lot of freedom in the modeling process, but you can also model with extreme precision. This makes it a perfect tool for designers to quickly convert their sketches into 3D models, which can then be exported to all kinds of formats like iges, step, 3ds and many more. Although not the most powerful modeler, it's a very good tool at a competitive price!

Please don't translate or copy these tutorials elsewhere. I don't like the tutorials to float around in 10 different versions and places on the net. Feel free to link to this page of course! (see also Terms of Use)

Surface styling in rhinoceros

Surface styling basics: trackball

Rhino 4 | October 05, 2013 | Wouter Wynen

This video tutorial will show you how to build very clean curved surfaces by using 3D curves and cutting geometry. This method will be the base technique for further surface styling lessons.


Modeling a remote control - Rhinoceros 3D tutorial

Modeling a remote control

Rhino 3 | March 03, 2006 | Wouter Wynen

• Model a remote control without any flat surface
• Fillet curves, sweep1rail, split surfaces, fillet edge, set points, blend curves,...


Modeling a trackball mouse - Rhinoceros 3D tutorial

Modeling a trackball mouse

Rhino 3 | March 03, 2006 | Wouter Wynen

• Exercise from the Rhino level 2 training manual
• Match curves, curvature graph, lofting, sweep2rails, symmetry, grid snap,...


How to model an ashtray? - Rhinoceros 3D tutorial

How to model an ashtray?

Rhino 3 | April 03, 2006 | Wouter Wynen

• A very easy tutorial teaching the basics of 3D modeling
• Draw curves, revolve, boolean operations, fillets, snapping,...


Accurate 2D drawing in rhino - Rhinoceros 3D tutorial

Accurate 2D drawing in rhino

Rhino 3 | March 03, 2006 | Wouter Wynen

• Learn how to draw nice and clean 2D curves in Rhinoceros 3D
• This is a must read if you want to model in 3D, curves are the basics of all 3D shapes,...



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