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Download Vray materials for 3dsMax

V-ray Material Libraires

V-ray for 3dsMax Material Libraries

All Aversis Vray Material libraries contain a wide variety of V-ray for 3dsMax materials, all carefully created and set up in a standard material scene.

Currently we offer 2 material libraries, one for product designers, and one for architects. Of course the materials are not limited to these 2 fields and can be used in any scene you can imagine.

  • V-ray for 3dsMax version!
  • 40+ materials/library
  • High quality textures
  • Preview each material

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Free Vray Materials

Free V-ray for 3dsMax Materials

Here's a small collection of 100% Free V-ray for 3dsMax materials you can download. Each material comes with its own 3dsMax scene, so you can easily extract the material to use in your own scenes, or inspect the file to see how the material is set up (vray material settings, UVW mapping, displacement,...).

  • V-ray for 3dsMax materials
  • Includes 3dsMax scene
  • All textures and hdri maps included

Download Free Materials

Aversis VRAY Materials End User License Agreement

In depth V-Ray material Tutorial


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