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Product Studio Lighting in Vray 3.0

Product studio lighting tutorial for Vray
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Tutorial contentWords | 4549 3dsMax scene files | 12 Photoshop files | 5

Creating nice and clean product visuals is all about setting up a good studio environment in 3dsMax. Instead of using drag and drop environments like many popular one click renderers do, we will guide you through the process of creating your own, custom studio setup. This is the only way to make your visuals stand out, otherwise you end up with the same look that everyone else uses.

This tutorial was created with V-ray version 3.0 . You will probably be able to follow along with older versions, but some screenshots may vary, or some settings may be missing or will have a slightly different effect on image quality.

The included max files are all created in 3D Studio Max 2013, but saved as 3D Studio Max 2010 files. So they will open fine in any Max version from 2010 up, but you will not be able to open them in older ones!

What will you learn?

Creating the studio environment

For product shots, you want a clean environment that doesn't draw the attention away from your main product. We'll show you 2 simple techniques to create a good environment.

How to setup a lighting rig

Lighting your scene is the most important thing to create a nice looking visual. Lighting can change the look and feel of your image, it will provide reflections on your objects, cast shadows etc...

Different studio setups

When everything is set up, it's pretty easy to quickly change the look of your image. We'll show you how several quick tweaks can change the overall mood of your image.

Lighting theory

Just as in real life photography, you will be placing lights around your products. We'll provide some basic lighting theory that you can apply to almost any kind of product visual.

Post processing in Photoshop

No 3D visual is complete without some image post processing. For each final image, we provide a layered psd file so you can inspect how the original rendering has been enhanced.

Product studio lighting tutorial for Vray - example 1Product studio lighting tutorial for Vray - example 2Product studio lighting tutorial for Vray - example 3

What can you expect?

  • In depth information explaining what and why. After completing the tutorial, you will be able to set up and tweak your own product studio setups.
  • We will set things up from scratch, including the trial and error steps. This is the only way to really learn about the lighting process.
  • Screenshots for every step of the tutorial: both scene setup images as vray settings are displayed.
  • We provide step by step instructions, in an easy to follow, human language.
  • All 3dsMax scene files are included, in case you get lost somewhere along the way, or simply to study the scene setup and settings.
  • Finally we also provide all rendered psd files with all layers intact.
Product studio lighting tutorial for Vray - example 4
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Tutorial contentWords | 4549 3dsMax scene files | 12 Photoshop files | 5


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