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How to use HDRI maps in V-ray without splotches?

How to use HDRI maps in Vray
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Tutorial contentWords | 2500 3dsMax scene files | 2 HDRI maps | 2

There are several ways to setup a HDRI environment for lighting and reflections in V-ray. We will show you all methods, and the drawbacks that come with each. Luckily V-ray has some interesting features to make the HDRI calculations very fast and clean at the same time!

This tutorial was created with V-ray version 2.0. You will probably be able to follow along with older versions, but some screenshots may vary, or some settings may be missing or will have a slightly different effect on image quality.

The included max files are all 3D Studio Max 2013. These will open fine in newer Max versions, but you will not be able to open them in older ones!

What will you learn?

Set up a standard skylight scene

We will start with a basic scene setup, to clearly show the difference when switching to HDRI lighting and reflections.

What's HDRI and why use it?

A short introduction to HDRI images, explaining what they are, how they are usually made, what makes them different to normal environment images and what they are usually used for in 3D visualizations.

HDRI versus LDRI

We will also briefly show the difference between rendering with HDRI images compared to normal images, which in turn also explains why you need to use good quality HDR maps.

Different HDRI methods

There are many ways of implementing HDRI maps for lighting and reflections in 3dsMax and V-ray. We will show all of them, with their advantages and disadvantages.

Perfect splotch free shadows!

V-ray has some clever ways to deal with HDRI maps, so you can get very clean shadows AND fast render times at the same time. Instead of using all kinds of tricks to get splotch free shadows, we will simply use Vray's power to clean things up.

HDRI in Vray tutorial example
HDRI in Vray tutorial example

What can you expect?

  • In depth information explaining what and why. We will not just provide you with some good settings, we also explain what and why.
  • Screenshots for every step of the tutorial, also showing you how not to set things up and why.
  • We provide step by step instructions, in an easy to follow, human language.
  • All 3dsMax scene files are included, in case you get lost somewhere along the way, or simply to study the scene setup and settings.
  • As a bonus you also get an 8 megapixel HDRI map!
HDRI in Vray tutorial example
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payment methods
Tutorial contentWords | 2500 3dsMax scene files | 2 HDRI maps | 2


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