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Free* Vray for 3dsMax Material every 14 days!

V-ray free* material specs

  • Silk cloth in different colors
  • Created with Vray 3.3
  • 3dsMax 2010 source file
  • Free for non commercial use

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Silk cloth V-ray Material.

Every 2 weeks we will post a new V-Ray material right here. Make sure you check back regularly, as it will only be available for those 2 weeks!

This time we created a silky cloth material. Applied to a simple cloth model generated with the simcloth plugin. You don't need the plugin as everything is collapsed to editable mesh, but if you want to create your own cloth animations with simcloth, you can download simcloth here.

You can easily adjust the colors and bump mapping strength to get different looking cloth materials.

If you like our free V-ray materials, please consider buying one of our larger V-Ray material collections for designers and architects.

*Free for non commercial use only! Read the Aversis EULA here

Free V-Ray material
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